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Why Email Marketing Is Effective?

You’ve got a brand new list and catalogue of products, and you’re looking to send it out to customers. You could do so by telling everyone following you on social media, you could pay for spots on websites, maybe even get some press. But you’re still not guaranteed to reach every potential customer of yours; not everyone will look at everything on their wall, not everyone reads every post that they see, and not everyone will chase paid-for ads, whether on search engines or websites, nor will everyone be out looking for it, either via the press or their own searching.

This is where Email Marketing comes in; you inform enough people of a mailing list, and signups are sure to flood in. And what can you achieve with these sorts of mailing lists? Well, the people that do sign up for these lists are obviously interested enough to know more about you and your brand, and if they’re pulled in with the promise of updates, deals, discounts, and more, then you’re sure to be targeting exactly the audience that you want to; either current customers, or people who are interested in buying, or in updates from your company. This, by itself, is brilliant for exposure, and if used correctly, you can reap massive benefits using this approach, especially with what it costs versus the return you get, which, on average, is north of 3500%. Yes, thirty-five times.

And being this cheap, it’s understandable why almost every company has a mailing list of some sort, however, this is not everything; you have to know how, and when, to use it. Sending random emails that seem unrelated to most other things may actually lose you subscribers, and thus exposure. Obviously, you don’t want this, so you have to have a great-looking template, a good strategy, and solid marketing know-how to make that thirty-five-fold ROI.

There are a few things that help, like a good-looking, consistently-styled catalogue in the message itself, and links to other social media to help connect a customer with your brand a little better. Sure, these are all good things to have, but those aren’t everything; presentation of content, execution, design, content itself, and various other factors play a large and important role by themselves in marketing emails, with every extra piece of the puzzle playing their own crucial role in helping your campaign succeed. And this is a very complex skill to master; schedules, timing, content, overall design and style, and even tiny nuances like the placement of elements and content within the message are all part of the skillset, which means that, if you’re a novice at the marketing game, the chances of your campaign being a runaway success are heavily stacked against you. Sure, if you spend some time learning the ropes and doing the work, you’ll eventually get good at this, but you’ve other things to do, like working on your next big thing. And that’s exactly why you leave this kind of thing to experts.

The experts, in that equation, is us. Years of experience have taught us a great amount about how email marketing should and shouldn’t be done, and use that knowledge to help people succeed. And just like we have helped others (and continue to do so), you, as a brand new customer, are no exception; we treat everyone as equals here, no matter how big or small.

Failure isn’t an option. Don’t let it be an option.

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