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Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Let’s say that you’ve just released some statements on social media, stuff that essentially would be your company taking a stance on a certain new trend. Let’s now imagine that, instead of being well received, that it results in a scandal. Maybe the scandal has turned into a PR catastrophe? You may fear this happening, or this sort of stuff has already happened to you sometime in the past. Bad image and press from pretty much everywhere, falling stock prices, maybe some people are trying to put even more slander on you. If you don’t want any of this to happen to you, then what you want is Online Reputation Management, or ORM, for short.

First and foremost, this could be called a preventative measure; making sure that a statement (or statements) are not posted offhand, but rather to think, potentially reword, before publication of each and every single statement, and even giving the same treatment to marketing campaigns; those are just as susceptible to this kind of screw-up, which means that ORM is even more important than you might realize, nevermind give it credit for. But this maintenance and management of a positive reputation isn’t everything; there might be some bad reputation or some lingering slander left over from a previous blunder. And this is where part two of the puzzle comes in.

This is where you take on the task of finding this slander and dirt and clean it up, either by asking the website’s owner or host or if this is something controlled by you, you remove the offending stuff yourself. Of course, what you’ll probably have to deal with here are people that may think of you based on only this slander, so of course, this has to be done with some care and finesse.

That still isn’t everything; a preventative measure is not just to make sure that whichever statements or campaigns you field don’t offend anyone’s sensibilities, but also to handle outlets like social media in a professional and sensible manner, so as to close off the paths to these mistakes in the first place. But why do all this? Why not only make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place? Because, as with most other things, a good process throughout will help far more than just prevention. A fire might spread from one building to another, but only consume one room in the second building, and the other building’s internals would be a pile of ashes, for example; this is pretty analogous to what the aim for protecting the entire process is: compartmentalization in an effort to minimize damage should any other protections fail. This kind of layered protection is one of the single biggest benefits a solid ORM strategy has, but it’s not all that ORM consists of; there are many nuanced decisions and judgements that go into a successful and effective ORM strategy and deployment, most of which usually require at least a few years’ expertise as well as experience with customers.

And this is what we have, and provide, to you, for a fair price, just as with every other client of ours. And with the few years’ expertise required, we’ve seen not only how things succeed, but also how they can fail catastrophically. This gives us a great insight into how to handle ORM properly, and make sure that, if you already had one, that said PR blunder will be the last one you’ll have.

Let’s not repeat bad history.

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