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Only about 6000 of them would return to Germany; the last were freed in 1955. "There are numerous "heroic" style statues along the staircase up to the hill as well as graves (or memorial stones) to heroes of the battle."
En russe, son nom signifie « kourgane de Mamaï1 ». The technology behind On top of the hill, a huge allegorical statue of Mother Russia was erected, a concrete sculpture 52 meters tall, dominating the skyline of the city of Stalingrad, later renamed Volgograd. Le kourgane Mamaïev (en russe : Мамаев Курган) est une hauteur dominant la ville de Volgograd, autrefois Stalingrad, dans le sud de la Russie. After the war, the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex was built. »), est une statue gigantesque érigée sur le kourgane Mamaïev à Volgograd (anciennement Stalingrad), qui fut, durant la bataille de Stalingrad, l'enjeu de combats acharnés et décisifs pour la chute du Troisième Reich en Europe. The statue is an allegorical image of the Motherland, which calls on its sons and daughters to repulse the enemy and return to the attack. All rights reserved. When we visited in 2009 (it was here that we first met most of the German survivors who spoke to us for this documentary project), less than twenty veterans were in attendance and they comfortably fit around a single round table.

A reserve unit of the German armed forces provided a guard of honor while a solo trom­bone player intoned the sorrowful melody of the traditional German military song, “2010, the year after our visit, saw the last reunion of Stalingrad survivors in Limburg. It is a rock of granite bearing the inscription “Stalingrad 1943” and marking the moment when the 110 000 surviving soldiers of the German Sixth Army rendered themselves into Soviet captivity. A wreath lay on the ground, bedecked with the flags of the 22 German divisions destroyed by the Red Army between November 1942 and February 1943. The city of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) alone boasts more than 235 memorial objects — plates, statues, obelisks, tanks, etc.– and this number does not include the dozens of urban streets that are named after generals, soldiers, and divisions that fought in the battle. In Russia, memorials commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad are legion. La Statue de la Mère-Patrie (en russe : Родина-мать зовёт!, littéralement : « L'Appel de la Mère-Patrie » ou « La Mère-Patrie appelle ! As in Germany, the number of veterans and eyewitnesses of the Battle of Stalingrad is diminishing rapidly, but unlike in Germany the commemorations continue to draw large crowds. The formation is dominated by a memorial complex commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. Two Russian veterans who had been interviewed in their Moscow homes, 2017 © Facing Stalingrad. The work of sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich and engineer Nikolai Nikitin is an 85-metre figure of a woman stepping forward with a raised sword. In a country filled with war memorials, the monuments commemorating Stalingrad are extraordinary.The massive statue that is the city’s most iconic monument stands on a hilltop that was home to some of the battle’s bloodiest combat, and is visible for miles around. "In addition to the statue there is an entire complex of other statues, reflecting pools and a pantheon with an eternal flame."

A Overlooking the complex, which features a Hero Square, a Hall of Fame with an eternal flame, Walls of Ruins, and a Pond of Tears, is a huge female figure with an outstretched sword – a symbol of the Motherland calling on all Soviet citizens to fight for their country’s survival. Town officials held speeches denouncing past and present wars. Entire classes of school students are bussed to the celebrations to ensure that the memory of the heroic battle is passed on to future generations.2010 saw the first public show of the “Faces of Stalingrad” in Volgograd’s Panorama Museum. Mamayev Kurgan is a dominant height overlooking the city of Volgograd in Southern Russia. Over time, their numbers steadily shrank.

The Motherland Calls is highly complex from an engineering point of view, due to its characteristic posture with a sword raised high in the right hand and the left hand extended in a calling gesture. These survivors formed a “Union of Former Stalingrad Fighters,” and they first chose Nuremberg, later Limburg, as the site of their annual meetings, which regularly fell on Scores of veterans attended the Limburg meetings during the 1960s and 1970s, each regiment claiming a separate table. The meeting began with an evening of reminiscences, over coffee, cake, and wine, in an austere room of Limburg’s civic center. Using funds provided by the now defunct veterans’ union, the town of Limburg has pledged to lay a wreath at the Stalingrad rock and to light its plate on every future National Day of Mourning.In Russia, memorials commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad are legion. As the memorial complex makes vividly clear, Soviet public memory of the battle (and post-Soviet Russian memory as well) emphasizes the heroic, and it is an affair of state.Each year on May 9, thousands of Volgograd residents come to Mamayev Hill to celebrate Victory Day. Statue of a Russian soldier, with the Motherland Calling statue in the distance.

There are only a few Stalingrad memorials in Germany; the most prominent one is located on the cemetery of Limburg, a town forty miles from Frankfurt.

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