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The final degrees of flap are brought in as the aircraft turns final, and a quick scan of the instrumentation and systems checks the vitals – brakes, propeller, radiator, gear and flaps – before committing to the landing.Contrary to popular belief, John asserts that the Bf 109E handles excellently in a crosswind and has operated the aircraft with a 22 mph side-wind with no issue.

Systems and electrics are switched off, then – relief!John has amassed many thousands of hours’ experience flying vintage aircraft over more than three decades, ranging from First World War biplanes to late-war radial fighters. As with the take-off, it’s important not to overcompensate with corrective rudder – let the aircraft settle, use the rudder to stay within 5° of directional control and accept those small heading changes.

Visibility is described as excellent, albeit the view forward is impaired by the long nose and cowling fairings. To mitigate against this, pre-flight preparation includes removing the plugs at the end of the induction tubing and turning the propeller through by hand to drain oil from the system. Adolf Galland, when he was working on the Battle of Britain film, is said to have commented that the Bf 109E demands a pilot’s respect. The engine also utilised fuel-injection technology, which allowed the aircraft to pitch forward into a dive; the Merlin’s carburettor would stall the engine if this were attempted in a Spitfire. The Spitfire was infinitely superior to the Messerschmitt, and so long as one remained in the turn, the enemy pilot could not bring his guns to bear.

It’s much better to set the maximum rpm before beginning aerobatics and leave it there.”  The Bf 109E’s propeller pitch control was a source of consternation among some Jagdwaffe pilots; those who used the controllable propeller pitch to their favour enjoyed a marked advantage over their RAF counterparts when facing Spitfires equipped with the early two-stage propeller. “It became clear once I had made a couple of flights in the aircraft that other pilots had seen the oil temp rising and had fully opened the radiator doors.

Points are scored for damaging or killing enemy aircraft as … The Messerschmitt Bf 109E was the backbone of the Luftwaffes fighter force from the Invasion of Poland, the battle for France and the Low Countries, the Battle of Britain, and the Invasion of Russia. Oil pressure is an immediate concern, and this will often sit high outside its green range if the aircraft has been started “cold”; as oil and engine temperatures increase, pressure will gradually lower into the normal range as the oil thins.

How are “There’s something lovely about getting out of a Bf 109E after a long weekend, walking away from it satisfied and knowing that it’s performed well – it feels like an achievement. John Romain was at the forefront of that movement. Doing so would likely see the propeller slow to 1200 rpm at the apex of a loop or half-Cuban, reducing yaw as the aircraft pitches into the vertical. Directional changes created by torque, rudder input, crosswind or even poor runway conditions can force the aircraft into a severe ground loop, potentially at high-speed on take-off or landing where the gyroscopic forces are more pronounced. As a flying aeroplane, I love the E model, but they are demanding and there’s an enjoyment in that – you can’t just fly anywhere in the 109E, and you need to take account of the aircraft’s operational limitations when planning any kind of long-distance transit flights. 36,499 feet (11,125 m; 6.91 miles) It was helped by the arrival of the equally excellent Focke-Wulf Fw 190 but still operated in larger numbers and in numerous variants throughout her wartime career. I kept this advice in mind the first time I flew the Bf 109E, and it served me well.”With full right aileron and neutral elevator pitch, power is fed incrementally to take-off boost of 1.4 ATA.

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