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Between weeks 13 and 20, the risk is 2%.There have only been a few reports of FVS due to an infection from weeks 20 to 28 of pregnancy, and the risk is thought to be much less than 1%.There are also other risks from catching chickenpox after week 20 of pregnancy.It's possible that your baby may be born prematurely (before week 37 of the pregnancy).If you are infected with chickenpox 7 days before or 7 days after giving birth, your newborn baby may develop a more serious type of chickenpox.

Before routine vaccination began in November 2005, chickenpox was a very common illness. It's spread quickly and easily from someone who is infected.Chickenpox is most common in children under the age of 10.

Around 90% of people who have not previously had chickenpox will become infected when they come into contact with the virus.The chickenpox virus is spread most easily from someone who has the rash. Routine vaccination is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).The chickenpox vaccine is a safe, effective way to prevent chickenpox and its possible complications. It's spread quickly and easily from someone who is infected.

These are most likely to appear on the face, ears and scalp, under the arms, on the chest and belly, and on the arms and legs.Chickenpox (known medically as varicella) is caused by a virus called the varicella-zoster virus. They can arrange a phone call from a nurse or doctor if you need one.You can catch chickenpox by being in the same room as someone with it.It's also spread by touching clothes or bedding that has fluid from the blisters on it.Chickenpox is infectious from 2 days before the spots appear to until they have crusted over, usually 5 days after they first appeared.It takes 1 to 3 weeks from the time you were exposed to chickenpox for the spots to start appearing.It's rare to get chickenpox when you're pregnant, and the chance of it causing complications is low.If you do get chickenpox when you're pregnant, there's a small risk of your baby being very ill when it's born.Speak to a GP if you have not had chickenpox and have been near someone with it.You can get the chickenpox vaccine on the NHS if there's a risk of harming someone with a weakened immune system.For example, a child could be vaccinated if 1 of their parents was having chemotherapy.You can pay for the vaccine at some private clinics or travel clinics. In fact, 90% of all cases occur in young children. It's available from your pharmacist over the counter or it can be prescribed by your GP. Chickenpox in adults and immunosuppressed people can be severe. In fact, chickenpox is so common in childhood that over 90% of adults are immune to the condition because they've had it before.Children usually catch chickenpox in winter and spring, particularly between March and May.To prevent spreading the infection, keep children off nursery or school until all their spots have crusted over.Chickenpox is infectious from 1 to 2 days before the rash starts, until all the blisters have crusted over (usually 5 to 6 days after the start of the rash).If your child has chickenpox, try to keep them away from public areas to avoid contact with people who may not have had it, especially people who are at risk of serious problems, such as newborn babies, pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system (for example, people having cancer treatment or taking steroid tablets).Chickenpox in children is considered a mild illness, but your child will probably feel pretty miserable and irritable while they have it.Your child may have a fever for the first few days of the illness. The infection is highly contagious to people who have never had chickenpox or who have not been vaccinated. The virus may then be transferred by touching the surface or object, then touching your face.The virus is also contained in the millions of tiny droplets that come out of the nose and mouth when an infected person coughs or sneezes. You may need to have antiviral medicine or immunoglobulin treatment to prevent your symptoms from getting worse.It is important for children (and adults) with chickenpox to drink plenty of water to avoid Avoid anything that may make the mouth sore, such as salty foods.

Most people recover without complications, but sometimes the infection can lead to serious complications, such as pneumonia and inflammation of the brain.

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